How to Get a Job in the Design World – Like Me

12 Nov

canadia-busWhen I first graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, it was difficult. I started out in the 1990s and it was not easy during that time. It was a slow crawl just to be able to do anything, which was frustrating at times. After six months of applying to jobs and getting nothing, I was running out of ideas. I started thinking about my goals as a designer and realized that I need to pack up and head back to my home town in Canada.

Even though looking for a job in another state was tough, I was way up in the Yukon of Canada and it made it worse. I’m still glad that I had made the decision to goto the university. I packed my bags and hopped on a bus heading south west back in to the states. [...]

Preserving the Googie and Art Deco Design in Los Angeles Architecture

21 Oct

Community_CenterOn the sixth floor of Los Angeles City Hall is the Office of Historic Resources (OHR) which coordinates the city’s historic preservation activities, including the first comprehensive program to identify significant historic resources throughout the city.

SurveyLA is a municipal historic preservation project in Los Angeles funded by a $2.5 million grant from the J. Paul Getty Trust. Managed by the Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources, the preservation program is the first of its kind seeking to have historians and architectural historians identify significant historic resources dating from 1865 to 1980 in Los Angeles. The project will begin in the spring of 2014 and is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2017. [...]

Assignment: Shedding Light on the Homeless of Los Angeles

4 Sep

Embarking on my adventure to Los Angeles I was expecting to see all the wonderful things you read and hear about this amazing city. Although it is well known for the many rich and famous that call this city home, there are also a large amount of the downtrodden outcasts who live in the shadows. The reason I was so attracted to the outcasts of this city is because they are such a contrast to what you would expect when you visit this part of the world. The city is absolutely beautiful and is everything your read about in the newspapers and magazines, but the homeless in Los Angeles like magnets living on the fringes of society just drew me in to a place I could never have imagined existed. I decided I was going to spend a few days living among the homeless people and really gain insight to what it must be like to live this way.


The very first thing I noticed when I stumbled upon my first group of homeless men was that they seemed to be in a world of their own. I introduced myself and surprisingly was greeted with wild enthusiasm from the group. Contrary to what you may think or have heard, they did not immediately begin asking me for money or food, or attack me for m clothing. They introduced themselves and acted almost as if i was already a part of their little click. I did not have a camera crew with me or a recording team to scare them away, I simply tried to talk to them like another human being would talk to them. Within minutes I was already a part of some unique conversations.


As you can imagine food and water are a huge priority if you are going to survive on the streets. I forced myself not to eat and drink today so by the heat of the afternoon I was pretty thirsty. I did not carry any money with me and immediately began to wonder how can I at least keep hydrated. These guys are extremely resourceful to say the least. They know exactly where the nearest fountains and sources for free clean water are. You see to forget that public bathrooms have sinks with clean running water in them. This source of water keeps many of the homeless hydrated throughout their days. A simple luxury we all take for granted.


Sleeping on the streets was an altogether different experience. As night falls the group told me of many places they call home at night. I expected park benches and card board boxes, instead I was shown warm dry underpasses stocked with blankets and fresh fruit. These guys are definitely survivalists to say the least. Listening to their stories was heartbreaking to say the least. Some are mentally ill, some lost their jobs and some are serious addicts. They all see to band together in their own small groups and survive like I imagine ancient man survived when he had no luxuries. They seem almost oblivious to the world around them. It was very interesting listening to stories, but I must admit I was saddened and humbled.

I spend days living with this group and just watching how they only take what they need to survive each day with no concern about yesterday or tomorrow. It was so hard for me to understand how this country could let the mentally ill and sick among them simply waste away on the street. I was never approached during my time by anyone from social services or the local authorities. I spent my days listening to stories about where the best places to get food is and where the warmest places to sleep at night. This group is very territorial and i was warned to stay within the areas they frequented. The consequences for going into other homeless areas are often met with violence. I still often think about how terrible it must feel inside to have the country you love simply toss you aside like you have zero worth. These guys do have value, and I believe if they were given the opportunity and the help, they could find there way to a better life.

Travelling on a Budget: Helpful Websites You Should Know About

21 Jul

If you’ve never been travelling and have built assumptions about it, then you might think that it can be a pricey endeavor. While this may be true for high class destinations, you just might be surprised where budget travel can bring you. At the same time, the less known locales will bring you something new to talk about. All you really need is a little knowledge and soon you’ll be on your way to a trip around the world.

3. HelpX and WorkAway

If you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty and relish the idea of living with new folks, then these two sites are for you. Both HelpX and WorkAway have a very unique approach when it comes to travel. You see, in exchange for a bit of your service, you’ll be able to go almost anywhere in the world. The work you do is for you to choose. Whether its odd jobs like carpentry or something within your field, what matters is that you help out. Check either of them out if you’re interested. Remember though; your stay is totally dependent on how much time your guest hosts will allow you to stay.

2. Hecktic Travels

Housesitting is usually seen as a chore by many other people. However, for those who want to see new places, it can be a great alternative to spending cash on accommodations. Hecktic travels was a pet project by two lovely Canadians who only wished to travel the world on a budget. As it stands, there have been countless people who’ve found temporary homes in foreign locations because of the site. As with HelpX, your vacation time will depend on your host.

1. Volunteer Sites

Okay, you may not get access to anything like fibre optic Internet or any kind of high speed connection, but volunteering is a great means of travel. Besides, who doesn’t want to do something a little philanthropic with their time. Red Cross and the Peace Corps are always looking for new people to get involved and you can learn a few new things while putting your skills to good use.

No matter how little cash you have, you can go almost anywhere in the world, try it yourself today.

10 Steps to Holding Your Own Art Exhibition

9 Jul

As an art director, part of my job is to visit exhibitions and not just the major ones either.  I tend to visit many of the smaller, first time art exhibitions, not just to see the work but also to see how they have planned and executed the show.  If you are thinking of holding your own exhibition, I have 10 steps that you should follow for success:

Step 1 – Theme

Having loads of art to exhibit isn’t enough – you need to have a theme to your show. This works as a marketing technique in that you draw in people who have an interest in your specific theme.

Step 2 – Collaborate

Don’t go it alone. Have a look for other artists and see if they want to come in with you. Don’t just stick to painting either – include other mediums such as sculptures, photos, etc. that match your theme.

Step 3 – Location

Scout out a suitable location, perhaps a studio that you can rent. If not, a large café, a warehouse, anywhere that has sufficient space and is clean. And don’t forget to check on restroom facilities either. If there aren’t enough, you might want to look at porta potty rentals. This website offers great information and pricing.

Step 4 – Date

When you set the date for your show, make sure you leave sufficient time to get it all together otherwise it will just look a mess. Try to include a weekend so that you target a wider range of people, perhaps families for a day out.  Do try to arrange it for cold wet days so you are not in competition with the beach!

Step 5 – Pricing

Work out how much the show is costing you to put on – include all rental costs, materials, catering, anything that costs money – and decide if you are going to charge an admission fee. Then work out the prices for each individual piece.

Step 6 – Sales

Don’t stick at just selling your artwork.  Get some cards printed with photographs of each piece and sell them in packs.  You could donate a percentage to charity in which case you might find more people buying.

Step 7 – Red Tape

Make sure you have the correct licenses and insurance. Also, draw up a schedule, wok out the placement of each piece and the lighting. Have a price list to hand and, if needs be, hire people to help.

Step 8 – Advertise

Draw up ads and place them in cafes, restaurants, art clubs, anywhere and everywhere. Make sure the ad stands out so people see it. Ask your local newspaper to run a small piece advertising the exhibition.

Step 9 – Setting Up

Set up the exhibition in a user-friendly manner. It needs to be visually enticing but, if necessary, set up physical directions so the pieces are seen as they should be. Make sure your prices are visible to all.

Do you have any special guests coming? Make sure you set up a VIP area for them and don’t forget to look here and order your VIP porta potties for the day!

Step 10 – Catering

If costs allow, think about providing food and drink. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, just a simple buffet and a choice of wines and non-alcoholic drinks.  If you can’t afford to do this for each day of the show, just do it for the opening and make it an invitation only affair

Modern art in New York – Architecture at its Best

3 Jul

During the course of my job as an art director, I was asked to research modern art in the form of architecture. After thinking long and hard, I headed to New York City as this seemed the logical first place to start and I was amazed at what I found.

New and Old

New buildings stood beside old in perfect harmony and one of the things that made that happen was a thing called masonry stars.  These are a type of masonry anchor, used for structural reinforcement, but visible on the outside of the building.

And, wow, they looked amazing.  Whether the building was old and refurbished or brand new, the whole street had used these masonry anchors as decoration points on the outside.  Because they are visible, many of these anchors are made to look decorative although you can buy ordinary masonry anchors as well.

Seeing Stars

The most popular type of masonry anchor or plate is the star anchor.  Cast in the shape of a five-pointed star, they create a point for people to look at as well as doing the incredible job they were created for.

They are made normally from cast iron although some are wrought steel or iron. The material makes them hardwearing, timeless really and highly suitable for masonry or brick buildings. And, they are not just used when building new builds either; many renovation projects use them to add stability to an old crumbling building.

Look anywhere, particularly in cities that have a large number of buildings from the 18th and 19th Century, and you will see these star anchors all over the place.  A lot of the time, they are used on brick buildings in cities that are prone to earthquakes.

How they Work

Masonry anchors are assembled in a tie rod and plate manner. This ties in the masonry wall and braces it against movement and bowing, particularly lateral bowing.  Think of it as the laces on a woman’s corset – pulled tight, everything is held together on one place with no chance of movement!

This got me to thinking – I am considering my own renovation project and perhaps these are just what I need. My research on masonry anchors led me to this useful website, full of information and a wide range of anchors at great value for money.

Interesting Ways to Decorate Office Trailers in Art Events

27 Jun

I still have not had the opportunity to organize my own art event since I started living in the US. However, I have attended quite a few art events, fairs and festivals in particular. A good number of those big events I attended required the setting up of a remote or mobile office to receive participants and to serve as exhibit areas and headquarters for the organizing team. Somehow, I still haven’t observed any event that made creative use of their mobile offices and other makeshift installations.

It’s rather disappointing to see that art events are unable to showcase creativity through avenues that could help make things look better. I particularly dislike how mobile offices are being set up just like any other ordinary mobile office. In an art event, there has to be creativity everywhere. It should not be just about the exhibits and programs. Well, I’m short of nitpicking I know but I think art activities and events should exude creativity across everything perceivable. It’s a waste setting up uninspired offices that look plain and boring.

Two of the most creative ideas I know that can make mobile offices in art events look more appealing and attention-grabbing are the following:

Using Optical Illusions - Most trailer offices or mobile offices in the USA look similar. They bear the same features — six-sided big boxes made of galvanized iron or other similar metal. If you don’t do anything about their appearance, they can even become an eyesore in an art event. To make them look interesting, you can introduce optical illusions. You can paint (or use decal-like materials) on the walls of these mobile offices to create optical illusions that trick perceptual organization, the perception of depth and motion, color and brightness constancies, object consistencies, and future perception.

These optical illusions will rarely be ignored. They are sure to pique the curiosity of most people in an event. It will also be a good idea putting up a 3D illusion mascot statue or statuette similar to the popular 3D dragon illusion on top or in front of the trailer office. This would most likely appeal to spectators of all ages.

Using Moving Decorations - Another creative way of adorning a boring mobile office is the use of moving items. These could be colorful paper propellers or spinners that usually spin ceaselessly when positioned outdoors. Motion is bound to attract attention. If you add color into the mix, you will create a very imposing mobile office at an art event nobody will ignore. Colorful and shiny spiral foil or paper strips are also great decorations that attract attention. Their fluid motion and glittery sparkles are highly showy. It’s just important to properly coordinate their colors and placement to avoid making your trailer office look too gaudy or tastelessly conspicuous.

I hope organizers of art events who resort to office trailer rental or borrow salvaged construction trailers to set up mobile offices can put in more creativity in their setup. It doesn’t have to be the two things I mentioned above. What’s really important is that creativity can be maximized to conceal the ugly sharp edges and corners of these trailers. There are many ways to make them look better. Some creativity is just needed to make these ordinary looking things extraordinary.

The Beautiful Province of Turin

25 Jun

Turin is a beautiful and historic city located in the northwestern part of Italy. And I’m very lucky to have visited this wonderful place just recently. Turin is the home of the famous Fiat automobile company and the football team, Juventus. But what I really liked about this place was that it would take you to the old times with its charm and Baroque architecture. There are plenty of places here that will show you their art, culture and rich history. Shopping centers can also be found everywhere which means it is really a haven for those who love to shop.

Sightseeing is just the best thing to do while in Turin. There are very fascinating museums as well as old churches, one of which is the St. John’s Cathedral’s Duomo di San Giovanni. It was built and 15th century which has been very well-preserved. The famous Shroud of Turin is definitely a must-see as well. According to its history, the Shroud was brought to Turin by the Savoy Royal Family during the 16th century.

Settimo Vittone, a municipality in Turin is another must-visit. Aside from the baptistery of St. Lawrence which is a relic of a pre-Romanesque architecture, there are also these very beautiful tiers of arbours where grapevines grow. These arbours are quite like the pergolas in this site, only that they are older and made mostly from stones.

Located in the downtown of Turin is the San Lorenzo Church, San Carlo and Santa Christina which are twin baroque churches. If you are the type that enjoys art sight-seeing, then you should not forget going to Chiesa della Gran Madre di Dio. It was built in the 19th century and is definitely a must-see.

Aside from sightseeing, Turin also offers a gastronomical treat with its wide variety of delicacies. You can expect a range of French cuisine as influenced by the French House Savoy that occupied Turin for around five hundred years. Of course, Italian restaurants are always in sight in case you are craving for Italian dishes. Make sure to try local dishes in Turin, which I did.

Top 4 Things to Do in Maui

3 Jun

My family and I have just returned from a much-needed vacation. Instead of staying in the States or returning to Canada, we took off for the sun soaked beaches of Maui. Our intention was to spend the week relaxing on the beach sipping cocktails but it didn’t quite work out that way!  There was simply so much to see and do on Maui that to laze on the beach would have been a perfectly good waste of time. So here’s what we did:


It would have been a crime to visit Maui without heading for Haleakala. It’s an inactive volcano, the highest point of the island and has fantastic views.  We did an early morning trip just to watch the sun come up and, I can tell you, it was well worth the effort.

The Road to Hana

Although you don’t need to stop in Hana. In fact, we stopped about 10 miles the other side in the kipahulu area, part of the Haleakala National Park.  The road itself is worth the drive but so is the hiking at the other end.  We hiked up the Pipiwai Trail, which led us through a stunning bamboo forest all the way to the breathtaking Waimoku Falls.

Cruise to Molokini

No beach holiday is ever complete without a cruise and this is, without a doubt one of the best I have ever been on.  Molokini is an extinct volcano and a sanctuary for bird and marine life. It also one of the best places on Maui for snorkeling – yes, I had a go!  We also took a boat out to the center of the crater, which is the only part of the volcano that stands above sea level.

Sunset Picnic

We went to Kapalua for this, which gave us fantastic views of the sun going down over Molokini. There are some other very beautiful places to watch the sun go down; unfortunately, we just didn’t have time to visit them all!

I would highly recommend a trip to Maui but make sure you have plenty of time there – you don’t want to miss anything. For accommodation, we looked at Maui beach house rentals and found this one – right on the beach and absolutely perfect.

Don’t Leave Yourself Open to Theft

31 May

I’ve been living in the USA for a while now, working as an art director. My job takes me all over the world but if there is one thing that I still find hard to come to terms with, it’s security. Or, perhaps, the lack of it.  Everywhere I go in the world I hear horror stories of people being burgled, when they go out and even when they are still in the house.

I’m afraid I put some of it down to the way people secure their homes – or in many cases, don’t. The sheer number of people who leave their doors or windows open when they leave the house amazes me.  People are too trusting – this was something we could have done 50 years ago when people were honest and thieves were few and far between. Not anymore.

Of course, something else I have noticed on my travels is the number of homes that still have the original windows and doors in them and these are no challenge to a burglar, no matter how many locks you put on them!  I was horrified at how much this type of crime had risen when I returned to Canada for a visit with family.

I thought that, this week, I would share a few tips with you on how to make your house secure, especially when you going out, whether it is for few hours or a few days.

  • Lock Everything
  • Lock every door, internal ones as well, if you can, including balcony doors, and don’t forget your garage and any doors that lead from it to your house.

  • Use a Timer
  • These are handy little gadgets as they switch your lights on and off for you. You can also put your TV on one.

  • Put up Security Lighting
  • Especially at all entry points and in the back yard. Use ones with motion detectors or put them on timers so they come on and stay on.

  • Have an Alarm Fitted
  • And make sure it is connected to your local police station or security firm.

  • Fit New Doors and Windows
  • Be more security conscious and fit doors and windows that can’t be breached so easily.  There are plenty of good companies around; I found this one helpful. And stop leaving your doors wide open. Canada isn’t as safe as it used to be!

Artists Can Deal With Financial Problems Through Binary Options Trading

29 May

As an art director, I obviously interact with so many artists on a regular basis. In fact, I’ve actually made a lot of close friends in the art world thanks to my work. As an observer, I noticed that there are many common themes in the lives of the most successful artists, and one of these themes happens to be “struggling through financial hardships.” The truth is that many of the most successful artists today weren’t well off when they started out; in fact, during the first few years they were working as an artist, they were very much worried about their financial status. Thankfully, though, they didn’t give up on their dreams. Because they toughed it out, they were able to attain the artistic success they were clamoring for.

Of course, in today’s world, young artists don’t have to make financial constraints a reason for not pursuing their dreams anymore. This is because in today’s world, artists have a lot of ways of earning a fair bit of extra income on the side. In this post, I am actually going to concentrate on one of them: binary options trading. By doing binary options trading, any artist will be able concentrate on honing their craft without worrying about their financial state.

How does binary options trading work? To do binary options trading, artists just have to create an account with a binary options brokerage and then buy options from them. To make a profit from options, artists just have to correctly predict whether the values of the underlying assets the options are for are going to increase or decrease by a certain time. A correct prediction will always lead to profit.

Of course, when it comes to binary options trading, people have to make sure that they are working with the right brokerage. If you are an artist who does not have much financial knowledge, then you would do well to work with a brokerage such as Banc de Binary. This is because Banc de Binary, unlike most other brokerages, offers its clients access to many learning resources that help them develop a solid foundation in trading. Because of this, many artists, even those who don’t have much financial knowledge beforehand, are able to make Banc de Binary trades a very profitable endeavor for them.

Whether you invest at Banc de Binary or some other brokerage is up to you. What’s important is that you should know that in today’s world, artists can’t make financial constraints a reason for not pursuing their dreams anymore.

Tomorrow, I’m going to focus on the work of one of the most celebrated young artists in the world today, Lady Mama. Lady Mama, aside from being a very successful popstar, is also an accomplished visual artist. Her work in the visual arts has been exhibited in so many respectable galleries all over the world. In tomorrow’s post, we are going to post exclusive photos of her newest works (visual art). Want to see these exclusive photos? Then visit our site again tomorrow!

What To Do With Junk When Moving Out

26 May

Moving from one house to another comes with a lot of task on hand that should be done one by one. The most difficult task to do which also requires a lot of time is separating things that will be trashed and those that will be brought to the new location. When you live in a certain house for a long time, it is very likely that you have collected a lot of things over the years. Some people have this habit of keeping old stuff thinking that they will be useful in the near future which sometimes end up as collecting junk. Later on we’ll realize these junks are already piling up on the attic or stock room continuously attracting dust and pests. The best thing to do with this junk is to segregate them one by one.

Think of the New Space

Having an idea of the available space of your new home where you are moving in is important because it will determine how much stuff from your old place you can bring. If you only have one bedroom in your new house then you will have to be selective with what you bring from your three-bedroom old home. This process may require some assessing and measuring some equipment that is why bringing a measuring tape is necessary.

Make a Plan

Deciding on which part of the house that should be checked first is necessary. You cannot go ahead and check from room to room because it will only cost double time. You should also allot space where unwanted things will be placed like a dumpster or backyard because it will allow you to move freely in the area and will also motivate you once you see the progress of your cleaning task. Also, it may be a good idea to seek professional help from local junk removal companies in your area to dispose of your unwanted trash. If you wish to go this route, you can learn more about junk removal prices here:

Gather All the Tools Needed

The tools you need in cleaning up your entire house are: garbage bags, cartons, plastics, rags, brooms, pen, and dustpan. You can add some on the list if you want but these are the most common tools that are being used.

Treasure or Trash

Having duplicate items is highly possible especially with the wardrobe that is why carefully picking which ones you want better is important. Make a list of questions that you should ask yourself like “Which one has the best quality”, “Which one is more expensive”, and others.

Organize a Garage Sale

Selling your unwanted items is the best part. Just display them on a place that is accessible by neighbors and by-passers that can be interested with the items you sell. The good thing with this is that you’re able to get rid of your old stuff while earning money at the same time.

Now that a big percentage of your junk has been distributed and exchanged to money, it is time for you to contact your local junk removal company to gather and dispose them on the place where they belong. A useful website to help you find the best junk removal company is Junk Removal 123.

Self-Storage – The Ideal Solution

23 May

Are you moving home? Got a big renovation project on hand? Or do you simply have too much stuff in your house?  When I moved over here from Canada, I experienced all three in one go!  Packing up my house in Canada was difficult – I didn’t want to throw anything away – so I brought it all with me. That was the easy part.

When I got here, the house I was moving into wasn’t ready. Well, it looked ready when I bought it but houses do look different when they are full of furniture and people! An empty house is a different matter and I could see straightaway that some major renovation works were required.

That caused me a bit of a dilemma. The house was OK for me to move into, it had electric and running water but it wasn’t ideal to have all my belongings brought in while I was working there. Luckily, I arrived ahead of the container shipping the contents of my house so I was able to find a solution – I did a little research and found this amazing website with loads of useful information about storage container rentals.

Storage Options Galore

To be honest, the idea of self-storage never occurred to me – I was getting a little bogged down in all the options available for storing my belongings and trying to calculate the cost of doing so when I stumbled across an article about self-storage.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone – not just for moving home but if you need extra space for a while, it’s a cost effective way of doing things.

Anyway, I figured that I would need one that was at least the same size as the container bringing everything over so I ordered a bigger one, just to make sure. I am so glad I did! Things never seem to fit in right the second time around.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Now, something I learned along the way is that you can never have too much space. While I was renovating my new house, with all my belongings packed securely away in the container, parked on my front garden, I decided that I simply didn’t have enough space in my house for what I needed.

If I removed everything from the storage container and put it where it should be I would have stuff everywhere. My garage would be packed full of garden equipment, leaving my car stuck in the driveway.  And, I discovered, I simply had too much furniture!

What to do with it all? The answer came to me when I glanced out of the window at the storage unit on my lawn – why not buy one, or two?  A bit more research on the internet and I found a site that gave me the information I needed on buying used storage containers and now I am the proud owner of 2 – one small one and one medium.

The small one is a garden shed and the larger one has been refurbished, windows put in and turned into a “play-room” for the kids! And I now have all the space I need.


Art and Travel in Golf: The Best Golf Course Designers

20 May

Golf course architecture is one of the most intricate and extensive art forms in the world. It is also a unique profession that has a distinctive goal—that is to create quintessential heaven on earth. It is indeed, a fascinating industry, an art that produces ethereal landscapes that can take your breath away.

However, golf landscape architecture is a challenging art form that requires a comprehensive plan that will make sure that the design will turn into a reality. From comparing golf buddy reviews to checking golf rangefinder reviews, it is always important that you are knowledgeable about this beautiful art and sport. The following is a list of the most iconic golf course designers that has made golfing not only a hobby and a sport, but it has also become an art in its own right. 

Albert Warren “Tillie” Tillinghast (born: 1874 – died: May 19, 1942)

Also known as A.W. Tillinghast, Tillie is one of the pioneers in golf course architecture. His designs are a game changer in the industry, creating more than 250 golf courses in his time. The most noted ones are the Fenway Golf Club, Cedar Crest Park, and Wykagyl Country Club. His designs are so prolific that golf championships are still being held on his golf courses until today.

Perry Duke Maxwell (born: 1879 – died: 1952)

Perry Maxwell is probably one of the most overlooked golf course designers in this list. What many people don’t know is that Maxwell is one of the designers of Augusta National Golf Club, where the 2014 U.S. Masters was held. His works include Crystal Downs and the beautiful Veenker Memorial. He was also the founding father of the American Society of Golf Course Architects.

Paul “Pete” Dye (born: December 29, 1925)

Pete Dye is a spirited designer full of ideas. His minimalistic designs are the epitome of modern art.  His courses differ from one another too, which was very unconventional in the industry. The irregularity of his landscapes provides a fresh and pleasant change that perfectly combines sophistication and primeval art forms. This is also why rangefinders are important on his challenging terrains so make sure to check out golf rangefinder reviews. The Blackwolf Run and the Whistling Straits are currently ranked as one of the best golf parks in the country.

Tom Doak (born: March 16, 1961)

Mentored by Pete Dye and eventually following his ingenuity, Tom Doak also possesses a minimalistic talent for golf landscaping. He’s so good at what he does that his four golf courses were all included in the list of Top 100 Courses in the World. You will find his revolutionary works in the Pacific Dunes, Ballyneal, and Cape Kidnappers.

These are some of the best artists that have made golfing relaxingly beautiful, more enjoyable, and unique. Golf rangefinder reviews provide a great list of rangefinders that can be perfect for these golf courses. If you’re going to travel to play golf, make sure to check out the works of these designers. For more information about accessories and golf buddy reviews, visit this website.

Too Much Travel Is Bad For The Veins!

14 May

Recently, I went to Korea and had such fun walking and sightseeing. I went to temples, shrines, and even went to the gorgeous Jeju Island. Back at my hotel, my legs were really aching from too much activity.

When I returned to the US, I noticed itchiness and felt a heavy ache on my legs. A few days later, my veins became more visible and seemed to be twisted. Time went by and it got worse. I knew I was dealing with varicose veins and I had to get some help.

What’s The Cause For Varicose Veins?

There are tiny valves inside the veins on our legs that help pump blood back up to the heart. When these tiny valves get damaged or weakened, blood flows back down to the veins and get stuck there. It’s collected and makes the vein enlarge and twist. Advanced stages of this are very unsightly, though varicose veins are often not very serious medical conditions.

However, in rare cases it can be sign of a bigger problem wherein deeper veins are blocked. This is called deep vein thrombosis.

What Damages The Tiny Valves?

Valves are sensitive to pressure; therefore, too much pressure for a long duration of time weakens it. Standing and sitting for too long are activities that damage the valves. That’s why I developed it after so many years of going on trips. Also, running or jogging with no proper shoes will not only put you at risk of feet injury, it will damage your veins too.

If too much pressure is detrimental to your veins, being obese sure does increases the damage. So if you think your weight is making problems with your veins, consider losing weight.

Pregnancy is also one of the most common causes of varicose veins. During pregnancy, the amount of blood in the body doubles. This enlarges the veins which are also pressured by the growing uterus.

Genes also play a big part here. Weak valves can be inherited, so if you have family members that have the condition, chances are you are at high risk too.

What To Do?

The first thing I did was to consult a doctor at my locality to find out more about my condition. Sure, I did some research, but an expert’s opinion is still the best. It turned out that my condition was not severe, so I simply had to wear support stockings. These stockings are of the right fit and of good material so it comforts the legs.

But in case of more serious conditions, my doctor said patients should undergo medical treatments as soon as possible. There’s what they call sclerotherapy wherein veins are inserted with a saline solution which aids in correcting the varicose veins. Laser surgeries are opted in cases of larger varicose veins.

There are excellent vein treatments in Easton, Pennsylvania performed by experienced doctors. If you want to undergo vein treatments in Phoenix, Arizona, check out Arizona Vein Specialists. It is important to make sure that the doctors are highly experienced because veins are very sensitive and integral parts of the body.