How to Get a Job in the Design World – Like Me

12 Nov

canadia-busWhen I first graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, it was difficult. I started out in the 1990s and it was not easy during that time. It was a slow crawl just to be able to do anything, which was frustrating at times. After six months of applying to jobs and getting nothing, I was running out of ideas. I started thinking about my goals as a designer and realized that I need to pack up and head back to my home town in Canada.

Even though looking for a job in another state was tough, I was way up in the Yukon of Canada and it made it worse. I’m still glad that I had made the decision to goto the university. I packed my bags and hopped on a bus heading south west back in to the states. [...]

Preserving the Googie and Art Deco Design in Los Angeles Architecture

21 Oct

Community_CenterOn the sixth floor of Los Angeles City Hall is the Office of Historic Resources (OHR) which coordinates the city’s historic preservation activities, including the first comprehensive program to identify significant historic resources throughout the city.

SurveyLA is a municipal historic preservation project in Los Angeles funded by a $2.5 million grant from the J. Paul Getty Trust. Managed by the Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources, the preservation program is the first of its kind seeking to have historians and architectural historians identify significant historic resources dating from 1865 to 1980 in Los Angeles. The project will begin in the spring of 2014 and is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2017. [...]

Assignment: Shedding Light on the Homeless of Los Angeles

4 Sep

Embarking on my adventure to Los Angeles I was expecting to see all the wonderful things you read and hear about this amazing city. Although it is well known for the many rich and famous that call this city home, there are also a large amount of the downtrodden outcasts who live in the shadows. The reason I was so attracted to the outcasts of this city is because they are such a contrast to what you would expect when you visit this part of the world. The city is absolutely beautiful and is everything your read about in the newspapers and magazines, but the homeless in Los Angeles like magnets living on the fringes of society just drew me in to a place I could never have imagined existed. I decided I was going to spend a few days living among the homeless people and really gain insight to what it must be like to live this way.


The very first thing I noticed when I stumbled upon my first group of homeless men was that they seemed to be in a world of their own. I introduced myself and surprisingly was greeted with wild enthusiasm from the group. Contrary to what you may think or have heard, they did not immediately begin asking me for money or food, or attack me for m clothing. They introduced themselves and acted almost as if i was already a part of their little click. I did not have a camera crew with me or a recording team to scare them away, I simply tried to talk to them like another human being would talk to them. Within minutes I was already a part of some unique conversations.


As you can imagine food and water are a huge priority if you are going to survive on the streets. I forced myself not to eat and drink today so by the heat of the afternoon I was pretty thirsty. I did not carry any money with me and immediately began to wonder how can I at least keep hydrated. These guys are extremely resourceful to say the least. They know exactly where the nearest fountains and sources for free clean water are. You see to forget that public bathrooms have sinks with clean running water in them. This source of water keeps many of the homeless hydrated throughout their days. A simple luxury we all take for granted.


Sleeping on the streets was an altogether different experience. As night falls the group told me of many places they call home at night. I expected park benches and card board boxes, instead I was shown warm dry underpasses stocked with blankets and fresh fruit. These guys are definitely survivalists to say the least. Listening to their stories was heartbreaking to say the least. Some are mentally ill, some lost their jobs and some are serious addicts. They all see to band together in their own small groups and survive like I imagine ancient man survived when he had no luxuries. They seem almost oblivious to the world around them. It was very interesting listening to stories, but I must admit I was saddened and humbled.

I spend days living with this group and just watching how they only take what they need to survive each day with no concern about yesterday or tomorrow. It was so hard for me to understand how this country could let the mentally ill and sick among them simply waste away on the street. I was never approached during my time by anyone from social services or the local authorities. I spent my days listening to stories about where the best places to get food is and where the warmest places to sleep at night. This group is very territorial and i was warned to stay within the areas they frequented. The consequences for going into other homeless areas are often met with violence. I still often think about how terrible it must feel inside to have the country you love simply toss you aside like you have zero worth. These guys do have value, and I believe if they were given the opportunity and the help, they could find there way to a better life.

Dodge Ram Trucks are Multipurpose Vehicles

14 Sep

Riding on a ram truck is definitely an exciting experience. As a frequent traveler, I can easily compare which car can offer me a more comfortable and smooth sailing ride and which one cannot. With this kind of truck, it feels like I am in heaven. It goes beyond just a simple travel. It becomes an adventure of a lifetime. I will never forget that time when I had to be on the truck and travel thousands of miles away from home.

The Real Purpose

Though I enjoyed that 10-hour ride, it was in fact not the main reason why that vehicle was used. We used the dodge ram to transport goods and supplies from one supplier to another. It took that much time, but it could have been a lot slower with other vehicles. These supplies also weigh a lot. However, it never felt as though the ride was bumpy or too heavy. It did not even feel draggy at all. This type of vehicle is definitely meant for heavy duty purposes. This is why even if you have to bring your family with you on a road trip and at the same time do business transactions, you have nothing to worry.

All About Cost

When it comes to the amount that you will pay for this type of vehicle, everything depends on the model that you have chosen. More modern models have now become available. You just have to find out which one suit you best. There are also different sizes available so you can easily find the one that matches your business or personal needs.

Maintenance is also not a problem. As mentioned earlier, this is a heavy duty truck. It might not be as big as other real trucks, but it can actually do as much. It can also take the challenge of the roads. Therefore, even if you are driving off course, it is not a big deal at all.

If you need to know more about your choices for 2014 dodge ram trucks, you can visit here. Hopefully, you find the right baby for you.

My Friend’s House is Literally an Art Museum

12 Sep

I recently visited an old friend of mine, let’s call him Hank, currently residing in New York. We’ve been college buds back in Canada and it was refreshing to see him again. We’ve always had fun times together, chatting about life and random whatnots. But one of the things that excited me most is to see the amazing art pieces sitting prettily in his house.

I really looked forward to it, and I was not disappointed. There on his living room wall was one of Hebru Brantley’s modern paintings. I heard about Brantley when Jay-Z famously spent $20,000 on one of his pieces exhibited at Art Basel. That’s quite a feat, if I may say. And the piece on my friend’s wall was both intriguing and entertaining, showing an over-sized boy jumping on top of a city.

Hank even had one of Guy Laramee’s Carved Book Landscapes. These are artworks carved out of books! I couldn’t believe how awesome it actually looked, and I couldn’t believe my friend got his paws on them! Laramee uses books (old and irrelevant, I hope) to carve out amazing sceneries like mountains, waves, and caves.

From walls to floors, his collection amazed me. He had this ancient-looking Persian carpet he claimed to have purchased in an antique shop in Brooklyn. It’s one of those carpets that you just know was made of crafty hands and traditional means. The material was thick and very well-woven, with excellent design, patterns, and colors. It was so lovely that Hank was so meticulous about it. He wouldn’t allow guests to enter the room with their shoes on; I had to remove mine and wear slippers. He also hires carpet cleaners at Proven Provider to clean his precious rugs every two weeks. I mean, really, this is a guy who loves his carpets.

My visit in his house had been like a free trip to a museum, with additional friendly chats over coffee and happy nostalgia. It’s been a long time since I relaxed like that. It even inspired me to get my own Laramee’s book sculptures. Definitely looking forward for the next trip!


Restoring an Old Church and Museum

9 Sep

If you look at the old churches in Europe, you would undoubtedly consider them as an architectural marvel. There’s Saint Peter’s Church and Square in Rome, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and my all-time favorite, the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, Spain.

When I was an art student I had the privilege of touring these famous Churches as well museums in Europe. I was able to see how paintings and architectural works of art are restored by the masters. When we studied paintings, we were taught to use the gentlest strokes and materials to clean up the paintings darkened and discolored over time. Some of the masterpieces were blackened by soot because they were crafted and displayed during the years when there was still no electricity. Oil-burning lamps released soot and caused the paintings to darken. The same goes with murals on the walls and ceilings of Churches.

When it came to the Churches themselves, I saw the Sagrada Familia Church being renovated. It was a massive undertaking and I was curious to know more about it. I gathered all the paperwork necessary and even learned that the contractors even bought used forklifts for sale in order to save on the costs. It may be a historic Church but times are really hard and it helps to save any amount that can be spared.

I wasn’t there long enough to witness the completion of the renovation. They were doing it one section at a time so that the Church could stay open for the benefit of devout Churchgoers and tourists.Suffice it to say, I learned as much as I could about the fine art of doing restorations.

Between the two, I leaned towards restoring paintings and other masterpieces instead of massive undertakings. I do it as often as I can, or whenever there are projects that I find interesting. I don’t mind flying halfway around the world for that kind of opportunity again. It’s a very fulfilling experience working on something that was once beautiful and seeing it restored to its former glory. It’s almost close to the feeling of being able to create something that magnificent by yourself.

The Beauty That is the US Interstate Highway

1 Sep

Non-Americans who watch American movies do not have any idea what it takes to travel cross country from the East Coast to the West Coast. This normally takes several days and it can be a lonely drive with lots of stretches of corn-fields, wheat fields, highways, desert, and mountains. Truck drivers normally drive through these highways as a living, and it does take a lot of concentration not to be bored.

However, there is a lot of beauty in the routes from coast-to-coast. The US highway system was designed to be fast. It did not skimp on being picturesque. There are a lot of possible routes, depending on where you’re coming from. From Georgia and Florida, the route can pass by New Orleans, Louisiana or Oklahoma, and then on to Texas, where the legendary Route 66, is still alive and well. There is also the choice of Arizona and New Mexico, before going through Las Vegas and Reno in Nevada. From there it’s the home stretch to California via Lake Tahoe. Of course, these are not the direct routes. If you’re a truck driver you would try not to hit these cities. However, if you’re not in a hurry, the major cities would help break the monotony.

The beauty of the highway system is in the diversity, there is a lot of things to see. In fact, whole movies and documentaries have been created showing the great sights along the interstate highway system.

The cities are also diverse and have a life of their own. Each city has its own character. Each city is alive with its own pulse and rhythm. Everywhere you look, the night life would be different, the day time corporate world would be different. This is not to say that there are similarities. Each city would have its share of women in high heels with varicose veins in Southfield, for instance. This is the same problem that women who wear high heels who have varicose vein treatment in Mainline PA. The small problems and issues in life are the same almost anywhere. The beauty may differ somewhat, but it is strewn across the American landscape.

The real tragedy is that more people by plane than drive cross-country, and most of those that do drive, do it for a living. The awesome landscape gets unnoticed when you travel through too many times. Photographers have taken to the route so many times as well, and each of them has taken a different vision of America.

Through the years, the landscape has changed. From the time of Hopper and Fonda, doing Easy Rider, to Jon Favreau with Chef, there have been different interpretations of the road trip. There have been different visions, photographs, and moods. All these different bodies of work may have been a product of their time, but these still tell the story of America. In years to come, there would be even more photographers taking a road trip. They would be in big motorcycles, trucks, sports cars, and bicycles. They would take pictures of the same spots, over and over again and each photograph will show a different take on the same picture.

Stunning Statues in the US

23 Aug

Been in the US for a couple of years but until now, I still find something fabulous to rave, especially when it comes to architecture and landscapes – two things I am definitely crazy about. The allure of each place for me is multiplied many times if I find structures that will give my mind a wiggle.

My recent fascination are the statues – tall and great – sculpted in all glory for everyone to appreciate. They may not be sculpted the way Australian women’s body were back home through the help of expert clinics for liposuction in Melbourne but they are definitely worth all the attention.

Christ of the Ozarks, Arkansas

This one is quite popular not just for its being a landmark in the Magnetic Mountains of Eureka Springs but also for the controversies surrounding it. Sculptor Emmet Sullivan, who also worked for Gerald L. K. Smith on Mount Rushmore, got some negative feedbacks for his odd depiction of Christ with this statue. His involvement in racist organizations were also put in question. Regardless, the Christ of the Ozarks statue, made of cast concrete, is a must-see.

King of Kings, Ohio

This is art at its finest. This depiction of Jesus is quite unique. It has taken the King of Kings from the waist up with both hands lifted up to the sky. It is made of Styrofoam and fiberglass by sculptor James Lynch. Together with designer Brad Coriel, they created this to be a commanding view in front of Monroe’s Solid Rock Church in 2004.

Our Lady of the Rockies, Montana

This statue was built as a promise made by Bob O’Bill when his wife suffered from cancer. He said he will build a statue of the Virgin Mary if his wife recovers and true enough, he started building the 90-feet-tall Our Lady of the Rockies in 1979, along with the help of the city government of Butte. Six years after, the statue was airlifted to the Continental Divide that’s overlooking the city. Bus tours are made available so tourists can get close to the fantastic image. A tram is also under construction.

Giraffe Statue, Texas

Dallas Zoo made sure its presence is recognized because visitors will be greeted by a 67-foot monster that thankfully, does not move. The Dallas Zoo Giraffe Statue is made of bronze and plexiglass and is situated three miles to the south of Downtown Dallas.

Statue of Liberty, New York

The most famous lady in New York stands at gigantic 151 feet. That height is doubled because the sculpture is mounted on a pedestal that’s 154 feet tall. It is sculpted by renowned artist Francis Auguste Bartholdi in late 19th century. The pedestal, meanwhile, is designed by architect Richard Morris Hunt. Aside from the Lady Liberty itself, other notable aspects of this world-famous landmark include the torch, which is coated in gold leaf.

Appreciation of the art is different. People can be outright conscious about their sculpted bodies that they make a beeline for clinic offering liposuction in Long Island, such as this one: But in the world of art, every stroke may be noted although they do not have to be in real perfect shape to be cherished.

What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Car Keys

20 Aug

Have you ever, in a mad rush, dropped your keys into the drain or locked them as part of your car? You must understand exactly how much as of a horribly panic-inducing experience it could prove to be, especially when you are travelling. You can easily get out of such situations with the help of a competent locksmith. Auto locksmiths are generally fully capable of helping you with all sorts of vehicles, from a car to truck, van, motorcycles and even caravans. Therefore, whenever you are in need of new car keys, contact your local auto locksmith.

When neglected at night in the cold, which is very popular in the U.K, you are likely to frequently find yourself standing on the road, waiting for an auto locksmith to come to your rescue. Nobody wants to stand on the road during those chilly winter evenings. Unlike the standard locksmith services, Bromley Locksmiths are going to be on the scene quickly to make certain that the time you spend waiting is as minimal as possible.

Important Information to Be Prepared For Your Auto Locksmith

In order to make the job easier for the locksmith, you are advised to have the following information ready:

1. The sort of car you drive.

2. The sort of car keys you had. You need to let the locksmith know if you used transponder car keys, fobs, remote keys, electronic chops, non remote keys, or standard car keys. Majority of the cars after 1995 use transponder keys.

3. Your car’s registration number.

4. Model and make of your car.

5. The identification number of your car. You can find it in your V5 document in vehicle log book.

6. Postcode of the area where you are, should you need an emergency service from the locksmith-service provider.

7. Personal identification – documents clearly showing your photo, name and address in order to confirm ownership of the car.

What to Do If the Car Keys Are Stolen

An auto locksmith, in case your car keys are stolen, will reprogram your car so the old keys can no longer be used. The ignition barrel and door locks of your vehicle might have to be reconfigured, depending on how old your car is.



On Being an Art Tourist

1 Aug

Increasing income and access to cheaper travel has spurred tourism to be among the fastest growing industries in the world today. In response to the progressively sophisticated demands of the modern traveler, businesses have likewise established novel and creative travel products and services. Depending on the main purpose of a visit, a tourist can also be referred to as an eco-tourist, a medical tourist, or a business tourist, among other names. In these distinct categories of tourism, one that stands out for me is art tourism.

Art tourism refers to travel made by people with the intention of engaging in activities that pertain to art. The activities are not only limited to visits in museums but can also include attendance to festivals and special events. Since art-related activities comprise the major part of every travel itinerary I have, I consider myself as an art tourist.

Exposure to the different forms of art in various countries and cultures has broadened my knowledge about the subject, which has been very useful to me in my job as an art director. To me, nothing expresses a culture more vividly than its art, from the works of past and contemporary artists, to the souvenir objects created by locals to sell to tourists. In fact, in my travels, I have realized that museums and galleries are not the only venues where one can find great art pieces. They can also be obtained from locals and out-of-the-way places.

Mexico, for example, is known for the fabulous beaches in Cabo and Cancun. However, for art tourists like myself, the city of San Miguel de Allende is the place to go even if it takes a four-hour bus ride from Mexico City to get there. Aside from the famous arts school in the area that teaches Mexican folk art, the numerous local art galleries and artisan shops feature works by local artists. Enjoyable as the art may be, one thing I am always watchful of when travelling to Mexico is proper disposal of documents that contain any personal information. This is because Mexico is among the top countries with cases of identity theft, which can cost victims thousands of dollars. For me, such a crime is not to be taken lightly. In the US, where identity fraud cases are increasing in number, I have even taken the precaution of using paper shredders for sensitive documents in the workplace. Luckily, I found the suitable paper shredder for my needs thru, the Paper Shredding Pros website. Ensuring that no fraud will be committed against me makes travelling as an art tourist more enjoyable.

Art and tourism are mutually beneficial to each other. Travelling has provided inspiration for many artists while art experiences make travels more culturally-rich and memorable. Indeed, art has become a motivation for other to travel. Hence, on your next holiday, travel to a more inspiring destination by being an art tourist.

How to Dress For Your Art Show

30 Jul

Art exhibitions are generally about the art you or anther artist has produced but how you dress for your show can make a huge difference to how people view you. I’ve been to a large number of shows, all different kinds, from top museum and art galleries to local artists and one thing I notice is the clothes that people wear. 

The type of clothes you wear should relate to the type of art you are showing. Art and fashion are tied very closely together and it’s no mean feat to get things just right.  Creative dressing is encouraged but be aware that eyes will be on you as well as your art.

Modern Art

Modern art is a wide field, from graffiti on a wall to an unmade bed. Dressing for this type of art show means looking for something that is modern yet quirky, Be individual here, don’t follow anyone else’s style.

One way you could stand out is to have photographs taken of your art pieces and have them printed on to t-shirts. Please use a reputable company to do this to be sure of a professional result.  This online company produces wonderful custom t shirts at a very reasonable price.

Nature Art

Art that is inspired by nature is another fairly wide field but mostly encompasses landscape art or something based on animal life. It’s a classical form of art and, as such, requires a classical style of dress. 

Crafty Show

Crafty art covers things like blown glassware and crafts that have been made by hand.  It’s eclectic and eccentric and your clothing should be as individual as each piece you are showing.  Think boho or vintage styles, crochet, quirky accessories and a pair of really funky shoes.

Check Your Invites Before You Send Them

If you want your guests to dress in a particular fashion, let’s say you want it as part of your art how, be sure to tell them on the invite.  I have been to a number of art shows where the invite specified black tie and seen people turn up in jeans. It’s embarrassing to be turned away and it’s embarrassing if you don’t fit in. The only person who should stand out from the crowd is you, the artist.

Guide to Protecting Your Precious Art Pieces at Home

30 Jul

I have experienced many ups and downs in my years as an art collector. One of my happiest moments is when I snag an amazing art and get to display it at home. I take care of them like I would a pet. But sometimes, things get out of hand and my precious art collections are damaged. At one time a sculpture I purchased in Paris slipped out of my hand while I was relocating it. Honestly, it was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life.

To prevent this disaster from happening to you, keep in mind the following guidelines to taking care of your art collection:

1. Maintain home temperature.  Some artworks like paintings and sculptures are sensitive to changes in temperature. High humidity can cause mold formation while too dry air will damage paper and wood. The ideal climate is between 65 – 75 degrees °F (18-21 °C) and 47 – 55 percent relative humidity. You can install a compact digital thermo-hygrometer to accurately monitor temperature and humidity.

2. Keep it away from direct sunlight. UV rays can fade papers, photographs, and textiles. Prevent this from keeping the shades drawn, shutting the light when not in use, installing a UV filter, and even periodically rotating the artworks.

3. Don’t store it in basements or attics. Basements and attics are more susceptible to damaging factors like temperature and humidity changes, insects and rodents, and flooding. If you have a huge collection, you should store it in a designated dry room with a centralized temperature system.

4. Protect it from natural disasters. If you have to evacuate, take your detailed artwork checklist it with you or keep it in a secured place. In case of wall paintings, fasten it securely using extra strong snaps-hooks and Velcro. Store sculptures horizontally. Tall furniture or sculptures can be fastened to the floor or wall.

5. Insure it. One of the best ways to protect your art collections is to insure it. You can look for special art coverage plans or basic home insurance plans that cover artworks too. For instance, you can avail a tenant content insurance offered by insurance companies like HBF. This insurance plan covers home contents, including artworks, in case of natural disasters or accidental damages. 

Sociopolitical Art to Fight for Children’s Rights

27 Jul

As once said by author Ben Elton, “Artists don’t create society, they reflect it”. This statement summarizes the concept of sociopolitical art. Sociopolitical art aims to reflect the state of society with respect to its social and political aspect. However, sociopolitical art is also used as a tool to create a more aware and responsible society.

This is what some of the bravest artists I know are doing to fight for children’s rights. Saint Hoax, a Middle Eastern artist, depicted Disney princesses as abused by their fathers to make a bold statement about the cruelty and inhumanity of sexually abusing children. These artworks, in the form of digital posters, spread around the world and made a strong and offensive statement about the reality of the case.

Child sexual abuse is a widespread but often hushed issue, mainly because of the stigma attached to it. Nobody ever talks about it in the open. You won’t overhear people discussing it over coffee on a pleasant afternoon. It’s not often aired on TV. Worst, most cases are not reported. This crime is underground in nature often because it’s committed by someone close the child. This can be his/her father or other relatives, and because it’s secret, it can go on for a long time. Victims suffer from depression and other mental disorders.

People are not open to know more about this issue so it’s really a challenge to raise awareness about it. Where have you seen protesters rally the streets to stop this barbaric act? This is where artists enter. Because art is generally perceived as something interesting, people are more open to it. If they see an intriguing art, they ponder and discuss about it in ways other mediums cannot manage to make them do so. The mentioned Disney artwork received a lot of feedback mainly because, I think, it twists something commonly pleasant and nice into something perverted. It is ironic and revolting to see lovely Disney princesses violated by their fathers.

Art, therefore, is an effective tool to save children from abuse. Volunteer abroad, like those in UNICEF, Save the Children International, World Vision International, and others, can use art to raise society’s awareness to the plight of children as well as to heal children of their inner wounds.

The Breathtaking Beauty of the Great Barrier Reef

24 Jul

From an artist’s point of view, the Great Barrier Reef located at the north eastern coast of Australia is one of the most remarkable and breath-taking sites anywhere in the world! As someone who has travelled a lot and seen some pretty awe-inspiring things, the Great Barrier Reef is a spot that I hold close to my heart. Aside being a favorite spot for world tours, it is also a very popular dive spot because of its teeming marine and aquatic life.

The reef is considered as the largest coral reef ecosystem in the entire world and was recognised as a World Heritage Site in the year 1981. It has at least 400 different kinds of coral, close to 2,000 fish species and is home to some 4,000 types of shellfish. Rare creatures such as the dugong or sea cow and the giant sea turtle, often called as the leatherbacks also seek refuge near its waters.

The Great Barrier Reef is huge and spans an area of 348,000 square kilometres. At its deepest, it is over 2,000 metres. Tourists who come here can see the over 2,500 coral reefs that range in size and shape. Satellite images of the Great Barrier Reef offer some of the most inspiring and humbling scenes anywhere in the world.

Artists such as myself come here for inspiration. You can never run out of ideas and plans whenever you look at the vast blue ocean and the myriad of creatures that live here – all coexisting peacefully. You’ll be left marveling at how wonderful everything was made; how colorful and how beautiful everything is. At the same time, divers and students (or educators for that matter) will find this place an unending classroom where learning about all kinds of living creatures and marine life is paramount.

The Great Barrier Reef is so huge that majority of it is still unexpected and unexplored. There could still be dozens of unknown creatures in its depth that we have yet to discover. It is an artist’s haven that I will never tire of visiting over and over again with the people I love the most.

Travelling on a Budget: Helpful Websites You Should Know About

21 Jul

If you’ve never been travelling and have built assumptions about it, then you might think that it can be a pricey endeavor. While this may be true for high class destinations, you just might be surprised where budget travel can bring you. At the same time, the less known locales will bring you something new to talk about. All you really need is a little knowledge and soon you’ll be on your way to a trip around the world.

3. HelpX and WorkAway

If you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty and relish the idea of living with new folks, then these two sites are for you. Both HelpX and WorkAway have a very unique approach when it comes to travel. You see, in exchange for a bit of your service, you’ll be able to go almost anywhere in the world. The work you do is for you to choose. Whether its odd jobs like carpentry or something within your field, what matters is that you help out. Check either of them out if you’re interested. Remember though; your stay is totally dependent on how much time your guest hosts will allow you to stay.

2. Hecktic Travels

Housesitting is usually seen as a chore by many other people. However, for those who want to see new places, it can be a great alternative to spending cash on accommodations. Hecktic travels was a pet project by two lovely Canadians who only wished to travel the world on a budget. As it stands, there have been countless people who’ve found temporary homes in foreign locations because of the site. As with HelpX, your vacation time will depend on your host.

1. Volunteer Sites

Okay, you may not get access to anything like fibre optic Internet or any kind of high speed connection, but volunteering is a great means of travel. Besides, who doesn’t want to do something a little philanthropic with their time. Red Cross and the Peace Corps are always looking for new people to get involved and you can learn a few new things while putting your skills to good use.

No matter how little cash you have, you can go almost anywhere in the world, try it yourself today.